Anonymous wrote,
on 12-27-04 at 10:19pm
ok sooo omg soo excited cause this thursday i leave for Naples with my beloved conn swim team for winter training...and now i hear you will be there next year!!!??!?!?! AHHH soo excited now you have no idea...well, maybe you do...buuut yea naples will be the heard me...the shit...haha anyways..just thought I would share my excitement...only 3 days till we leave for 2 WEEKS of swimming hell and a world of pain (but as we all know, you're really into that stuff)...haha alright..merry belated christmas...
speaking for christmas...i was wrapping a gift the other day and was using an old gift bag...and there was a tag on there...geuss who it was from?? I'll give u a hint...summer zones, streamer longer living in our state...not really welcome either...yep...the one and only...hahaha oooh well i had a laugh...
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