Anonymous wrote,
on 12-30-04 at 9:19pm
It's just my opinion so don't take it personally. I've lived my life with music, and there are genres I hate - Rap and classic rock. I pretty much listen to others with no problem, but man, they suck like crap. Rap shouldn't even be called "music." I stopped listening to rock about a year ago because I thought rock genre is going nowhere these days - just like classic rock (it's same thing over and over). They just sound easy and technical. It feels like there's no effort put onto music. I'm a composer, and I also create music. I put all my effort on my music, trying to create materpiece all the time. Back then, they just "created" music for money, and music just has became a tool for earning money. What I want to do is to create the real music, and let people hear what it is. And in my perspective, classic rock is just yet another crappy meaningless repetitive shit.
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