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blair (profile) wrote,
on 12-31-04 at 1:46pm
I haven't spoken to fean in a long time, but he and I never really talked - you know? Brendan said hi to me in March, then disappeared before I got the message. toch and I have spoken since then. Ray and I haven't talked since May or June. I've seen Greg online quite a bit. and I talk to dex regularly - including random phone calls when he's least suspecting it. but I found Brendan on myspace and sent his ass a message. his profile is weird stuff.

but it's weird to think of things in terms of time. four years ago, I didn't even think about four years later. and even with all the online drama that people go through, I've been in constant communication with some people for almost four and a half years over the internet.

four years from now I'll be 21 and finishing my teaching credentials and working full-time [although I'll probably be working full time in the next few months]. it's just weird. will I still be in touch with any of you?
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