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blair (profile) wrote,
on 12-31-04 at 2:33pm
thank you. I spent two months in Alaska this summer. Where in Alaska does your uncle live? I met some amazing people there with huge hearts who begged me to move in with them, telling me my dog could move in, too - and they swore they'd get me in at UAA. <3 it was a lovely experience but on Christmas Day, it was five below in Soldotna!

as for the posting photos in your journal question..

01. you can sign up for a free account at by going to this webpage:

02. after you've registered, you can upload up to 25mb of photos from your personal computer

03. when you upload photos, photobucket can automatically show you the html required for posting that image elsewhere on the web [like a journal!]. it starts with a < followed by img src= then the .jpg or .gif link in quotation marks, ending with a > you can copy that html code from photobucket [it shows up underneath your photo], and paste it here on your update journal page on woohu! <3

good luck.
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