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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 01-02-05 at 10:02pm
people make me sick.

sorry to hear about that brad. i hope you find out who it was and first tear the living daylights out of them.. and then make them feel incredibly guilty about how low they sunk.

but if they were low enough to do something like that.. chances are they'll lack any type of backbone to have any remorse.

you're so much more than most of the people you hang out with brad... you're beating the odds and going somewhere. in a group of people that claims to be your friend, if one of them proves to be THAT untrustworthy.. its just a sad, sad (lack of word here).

in lighter news.. you and stacy make me incredibly happy and i want to just bite both of your guy's ears.. because thats just what you do when something makes you happy.. you bite their ears.

yessss.. with that being said... im off.

stay up doll.
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