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just_peachie (profile) wrote,
on 01-03-05 at 6:05pm
Well fuck!

Why do people have to be that way? Jesus, I don't really know you and I'm proud of all that you've're finally getting somewhere...and some dick fuck had to steal your money...whatever, they're almost not even worth an ass beating. That's just too much energy for someone that pathetic.

But, I do have to say, about the whole Tom bein a fuck and you and nate needin some grandma passed away not that long ago, and me and my dad got almost everything. I can talk to him, but i know we have a set of four cups, big plates, little plates, coffee cups, and utensils that have never been opened, as well as a coffee maker thats never been opened, a shit load of tupperware, a recliner, and some other stuff like that...i'll talk to him, but it shouldn't be a problem.

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