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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 01-04-05 at 10:57pm
Yes, that wall is me and my new lifestyle. Not me and my religion.

Im not screwed. Im just fine.

"I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again." -Jesus
John 3:3
Im not wasting my time or ruining my life. I am saved by the grace of God. And I am loving every minute of it. And I know that I am not the same person anymore. I am better than what I was. Its amazing.

Yes, I did say that you had changed and I wanted the real you back. But I said that cuz I am trying to look out for you. You were denying that he was hitting you when you would call me up crying cuz he was threatening to take his life and make you have the most miserable night of your life. You, on the other hand, are being selfish in trying to persuade me to go back to my old ways. Thats not trying to save me.

My church is not a cult. We worship, read scripture and pray. We have a Christian rock band that sings Christian rock songs. It really sounds like a cult huh?

Im sorry that you cry. There really is no reason to. You think that you would at least be happy for me since you want us to still be best friends and all. If Im happy I guess I'd just expect you to be happy also.

I didnt do anything to you. Im not the one hurting you. I have done nothing to even make you say that I hurt you. Im not the one dragging this on. I told you how I felt and what my beliefs are. But you just cant seem to accept that this is who I am now.

Yes, you do have to change yourself to be saved. And I am very broken inside that you are allowing yourself, other people, and Satan to lie to you about that.

I am not a mindless robot that needs batteries and instructions. I am a human being that has the Love of God and a path to righteousness.

NO. Deep down I would not be happier if I was who I used to be.
People cant survive on Drugs, Alcohol, Grand Theft Auto, Shop Lifting, Skipping School, Bad Grades, Molestation, Lies, "Late Nights"/Parties, Cheating, Profanities, Beatings, Bed Spins, Vomiting, Suicidal Tendancies, Bruises, Cuts, Knives, Guns, Stealing/Robbing, Breaking, Sadness, Sorrow, Pain, Mutilation, Tears, Hatred, Murder, Defacement, Seduction and A Broken Heart.
Sure, most of these things bring an instant thrill... but it only leaves you down and out.

There is no difference between a Christian and Strict Christian. A Christian is a Christian. Some people just think that if they call themselves one then thats all they will need to be saved. But they are so wrong!

You doubted me in your letter. God is the way the truth and the life. I am right over BILLIONS of people that think Buddah is Lord. Do Not Doubt Me.

I Love You. I will always Love you. But know that it is Gods desire that I Love you... when my human ways say that I should disown you as you have done to me.
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