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eyesofcrystal (profile) wrote,
on 01-05-05 at 2:31pm
Ok….you don’t even make any sense. And for your information the “new lifestyle” you have IS your religion. You are no different than someone who believes in buddah. Buddists are exactly like you…they think their god is the only god…but how do we know whats right? You have no clue that everything you are doinf could be totally based on a lie. You don’t even know what your doing. And just so you know…satan isn’t talking to me or telling me to do anything. Im just as religious as you…I just don’t freak out about it and and I don’t leave that as the only way of life.
You cant survive on prayers or crosses either incase you didn’t realize it. The only way of life is to just live life. You don’t have to live it by any rules or regulations except for the law. But the law was made for public safety so that’s a different subject. You basing your life on some book. Paper…that’s what your worshiping. Its bull. And I don’t really care about this anymore. You go ahead and be the way you are. No one else but all the other psychos in the world are going to be friends with you…your going to be alone….in short…..fuck you
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