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tonyp. (profile) wrote,
on 01-07-05 at 8:21am
im getting sick of hering about how Christianity is the one and only right religon, you have no more proof that what happened in the bible than what happened in the koran or the talmed or any holy book your just too close minded to except anything else to be true, and to tell you the truth about you worshiping paper,you are by all means, for all you know it could have origionated as a story book to teach children morals it could all me a story that people belive to be true. and then some wacko started worshiping it then he started tricking everyone else around him to act a sertin way so he had alittle control in his life. the bible is not more believable than the lord of the rings books do we see people worshiping them, strangly yes we do, but your still right over them because you a christian, because you think you here god talk to you, well i bet if you ask a muslem they would say they hear ala talk to them, are they just crazy.
your life isent any different if you follow a god of your chosing wether it be ala or budda or god or krishna. they all have different standpoints on life and just because you think your right over them dosnet make you a better person.
what has you god really given to you anyways.
to bad if you sin, if god dident want us to sin he would not have given us the ability to sin.
even tho you may think your doing the right thing, your not. not at all your throwing away a relation ship with someone speical your bestfriend for so thing that youll never see in your life.
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