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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 01-08-05 at 10:35pm
Yes, I do. And I already told erica about it. There are so many recorded prophecies from the Bible that have come true. How can you disown that and say its not true? Erica sits there and calls herself a Christian when she is going against the Bible and everything that God is saying to do and not to do. She really needs to step back and take a look at herself! Yes, I am to closed minded to accept anything else... and thats cuz I know Christianity is the right religion. And the only one that will lead to eternity with God.

My life would be different if I chose something other to worship than God. For instance, I wasnt worshipping God when I lived out there. My life was so screwed!!! There was absolutly no hope for me. I was on drugs, getting drunk just to get drunk, snuck out to parties with whichever boyfriend I had at the time, stealing money, stealing vehicles, stealing anything that I wanted, I was selfish, I was vulgar, I was sexually impure, I was mentally impure, I lied all the time, I always went against authority. When God became a part of my life all that stuff was thrown as far as the east if from the west. I was borne again... made pure in every aspect. Im not anywhere near as horrible as I used to be. I was changed by God. There is no way that I should be here with as many times as I have tried to kill myself but Gods grace saved me even though I didnt want Him to at the time. You cant say that all of a sudden in a weeks time I was cured from addiction to pot and any alcohol that I could get my hands on.

What about that tsunami? Those many people were in the water to a spiritual ritual to there god. I am sure that if there was god was real he wouldnt have killed 'em all on a day that was supposed to be one of the holiest days for there religion.

I never said that just cuz I KNOW that I am right makes me a better person. I dont think that I am better than any single person... I dont think that any single person is better than me. See, I believe in this equal thing. We were all made in the image of God... why would I think that I am more holy than any other person when we all are a part in the body of Christ.

You cant say that if God didnt want us to sin then He wouldnt have given us the ability to sin. He is giving you freedom to do what you want. He has told you whats right from wrong so that you can be your own big person and choose what to do. There are good consequences and bad consequences for your actions. He's trusting you with yourself to choose whether you will live with Him for eternity in heaven, or live eternally in hell. Its your choice... not His.

I am fine without Erica. She's not my best friend. And I look back I dont know why I called her my best friend. All that her and I ever did was feed off of eachothers evilness. We werent best friends, we were Satans "best friend". So, really I am not throwing away any relationship. Cuz there never really was, what I call, a true relationship.

Your right... I might not see God in my lifetime here on earth. But I am totally ok with that. I need to focus on spreading his Word and doing work for Him (( as I have been doing through talking to you guys)). And it only makes me happy that you guys are critisizing me. I am supposed to count it all joy. God comforts me through this time of sorrow and its awesome.
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