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tonyp. (profile) wrote,
on 01-10-05 at 2:22pm
Christianity is the right religion. And the only one that will lead to eternity with God. --- define "right" and eternity with god huh, mabye christianity does that. but what about all the other religons that pervide eternity with the god of there choosing huh but yea i guess your right youll always be right because your close minded about all this. you got sucked in to a "religon" so bad you had to "met god" to find out that you were a bad person and had to change.
but i think you need some help because if you think just because someone isent as religous as you that the are satan worshipers. if you herd satan talk to you then you obvisily do have problems because iv never herd god or satan or anyone but my thoughts. so its understandable....your crazy..mabye this is just your mom talking for you.
you have no right to say anything about the tsunami. thousands of people died and all you say is that there god wasent real. well if god created us in his image then why are there so many horrible people on the planet how come hundreds of chritans died in the world trade center, or in tornados or earthquakes huh? were was there god he must not be real cause he let his people die.
and when you said erica isent your best friend and she never was that is the simple most stupidest thing i have ever herd. you and her us to be inseprable. you guys had all kinds of fun and it wasent evil fun it was teenage fun. you threw away a chance to come and see your friend in michagan because you were afraid that you would become evil again, thats bull. something happened to you in your church/cult or it was your mom or something because you were never like this. and if your religon is worth losing erica as a friend than it but be pretty speical because it wont be there for you when you need it....when your all alone and there is no one around will see where your "god" your "god of all gods" your "one and only holy savior" will be, youll die alone and unhappy with no friends but youll be stuck with an imaganary friend named jesus and his dad named god--
Christianity, the right religon, HAHA
you just relie on a religon to define who you are because your so boring your living your life for someone else.
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