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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 01-31-05 at 8:23pm
Jesus [God] Freak... I love that statement cuz its SOO true. I will gladly take that name. My new lifestyle INVOLVES my religion... my religion is the reason for my new lifestyle... But my religion is not the only reason that we are not friends any more.

I believe that I did make a point to the whole Christian religion and Buddhist religion. I was not comparing me, as a person, to their physical beings. Sorry that you are slightly confused.

You dont have to predict Godly things in order to have the vision from God. So, no, I am not a complete idiot. How do I know that God is God? I have already given examples of how I know. My addiction bondages of drinking and smoking pot were broken in a weeks time, I was saved in many attempts of suicide, when I was completely and totally down and out with no reason to live I was given an amazing man, my life has been turned around, and I have felt the presence of the Lord while in worship. Its amazing.
Heres something about the Christian religion and an 'other' religion that proves the realness of God: "Get two bulls for us. Let them choose one for themselves, and let them cut it into pieces and put it on the wood but not set fire to it. I will prepare the other bull and set it on the wood but not set fire to it. Then you call on the name of your god, and I will call on the name of the Lord. The god that answers by fire - he is God." 1Kings 18. The rest of the good news says this: These few hundred men called out to Baal, their god, and danced and started cutting themselves with swords till their blood poured everywhere. Their god never answered by setting their sacrifice to flame. Then Elijah, a servant of the Lord, took his is offering and douced it with water three times and prayed that His name be known in Isreal when these people were serving false gods. God flame came and consumed the bull, the wood, the stone alter, the soil, and all the water.
I know that you will prolly just take this as a story from a book. But when you feel the presence of the Lord you will realize how decieved you are.

Satan "only comes to steal and kill and destroy..." John 10:10. Satan does speak to everyone. It doesnt have to be verbal words all the time. If you do something 'wrong' it sure wasnt God telling you to do it cuz God is of no evil. If it ever is verbal words that you hear, then they demons. And yes, those are real.
Look out into the world. We all know many people whose marriages are on the rocks, whose children are uncontrollable, whose finances are an absolute mess. We see peoples lives that are so hurting and broken and lonely. We se people who are out there looking for some sort of satisfaction or help. But they are looking in all the wrong places. These people are looking to drugs, and money, and sex, and other things... and theyre striving goes on because they are so broken and they need healing from the pain that they have. And that was Jesus's very purpose to come here. He would go and sit with the broken people of this world and heal them... to bring meaning and 'life' to them. He even clearly stated "... I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10
Im using thing from the Bible to claim as my own. I really do Love you even though my human-ness tells me to disown you. And yes, God did tell me too also. Its just a passion of mine to Love everyone no matter what. Its not that I am running out of ideas to say to you... whether they are witty or not. There are many mean and evil things that I could say to you. I am using Bible verses because I am hoping to one day open your eyes to what you cant see. I dont find that pathetic in any way.

My cult? I am not involved in a cult! I have never heard of a cult that worships God and reads from the Bible. I think that you are getting cult and church mixed up. I mean, they do both start with a C. Our friendship really doesnt have anything to with your brokenness. One day, I hope, you will realize that its your abusive relationship with Tony, your play on words, your sexual tendencies, or any tendencies that you have with breaking the law.

I was making a point cuz you seemed a little confused on that area. I just figured that if it was layed out so you could understand that you would better know whats going on. So, if you already knew, why did you bring it up? I am sorry that you are filled with such negative thoughts.

I am living the way that God wants me too. Well, as close as I can anyways. That is in no way worshipping paper. And I do know that God didnt write the Bible... HELLO, im religious, i know these things. And there was more than one guy that wrote it and died. It was written more or less for God, by theses men. There is a difference between 'God breathed' and 'written by God'.

Yes, my used to beat me. And yes, my mom used to blow me off. She still copies me with everything and all that stuff. But I know that she loves me. My family doesnt have to be my mom, dad, step mom, step dad, aunts, uncles, cousins. My FAMILY is LuAnn (she loves me), Dad (he loves me), Shadoe (he loves me), Jaeger (he loves me), Mom (she loves me), Casey (she loves me), Becky (she loves me) and Adam (he loves me). Those people are my family and they all love me. My dad changed pretty quickly... and my mom is changing quickly too. I changed from being a Drug, Alcohol and Law breaking fien pretty quickly. Trust me, it is possible to change that fast. You wouldnt know if its fake or not because you have experianced dramatic change in your life for the Good.

Evilness doesnt have to be anything more than us disowbeying our parentals or drinking. Evilness is anything agaisnt God. We were involved in Wicca and Quija. Thats pretty unGodly. Dont get me wrong, we had A LOT OF FUN doing Wicca, Quija, staying out late, Ghost Hunting, drinking, breaking laws, and making out. But that is over for me. I dont need those things to live a happy and funn, satisfied life. I was on prozac cuz of my mood swings around my menstrual period. I wasnt on it for severe depression or anything like that. And if I recall right, you were the one clawing your arms open with keys. And I think that you did something to yourself cuz you couldnt have Dylan. That wasnt me being all "i want attention"like. The only time I cut myself open out there was when I carved an A on my arm and on my ankle and filled them in with ink. I didnt do it cuz I was depressed. I just gave me something to do cuz I was bored and blood fascinated me. I did try to commit suicide, though, a few times after I moved out here. It wasnt me trying to get attention from anyone... I was really quiet about it and kept hidden from people for a little while till my mom found some things and added them together to come up with the conclusion that I was depressed and didnt want to live. She then emitted me to a psych ward this last summer. I am fine now. And I didnt do it cuz it is or was a fad. Thats pretty retarded.
I do realize that a lot of what he had was more than just Best Friends. And I do respect everything good that you have done for me (aka... always being there when my dad was hurting me) and I will keep everything personal to me that you have told me. But its just not the same since all this has happened.

I understand that you want me dead rather than the way I am. A lot of people would just rather have Christians just go off and die. But I am here for a reason and purpose. I wont die until that purpose is fulfilled. This is who I am... the past is just who I used to be. People change. I changed for the good. And Im happy.

How am I acting? I am trying to preach to you. That isnt very cultish sounding. Its more like Pastor sounding. What are you telling these people about me? If you are telling them the absolute truth - That I go to youth group, that I read the Bible, that I worship in songs, That I go to youth conventions, and that I want to go on missions - they would understand fully that I am not in a cult. I am not brainwashed. I am not a psycho weird person. I think that you just think that I am cuz we are so different now. That just cuz I am not who I used to be, then I am some freak. Thats not how it is and I wish that you could understand that.

I didnt say that they died just cuz they worshipped the wrong god. I was bringing up a point. And, yet again, I am so sincerely sorry that you are very confused on some of the issues we are talking about.

Thats right I dont think that I am more holy, or better than one person. There are different levels of religion, if you will. You and I are on two totally different planes. And again, Im sorry that you are confused. If there was a more simple way to put it in, then I would.

I am not failing. I am speaking the word of God. Look at the verses that I have given to you. Look at how long I have been sticking to Sticking Up for God. Im not failing in any way. Its not me thats the reason why you are deciding to not want God. I just think that you are coming to conclusion that you dont want to have to follow all the rules that you think there are to being a strong Christian. I just think that you are getting sick of this and just throwing God out of everything would make life easier for you. But if you throw God away, then you are throwing your life. You need God. Its Vital.

You being so negative is really sad... but I count it all joy that you are being so negative to me cuz I know that it will pay off in the end. There are just so many things that I guess you dont understand.

I am not prejudice. My heart is out to anyone who thinks different than I do. But, yes, in the end... you will be judged. Its your decision whether or not you will go to Hell.

Is this cult thing just an excuse to hate me? Is it a reason to disown me? I still just dont really quite get how you came up with a cult. Please, explain it to me.

I am here to help and heal you in any way possible, erica. I am very sad that you and I have so many differences. But I want you to know that I will always be someone that you can turn to if you ever need anything... even though you despise me more than anything.
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