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jayzulla (profile) wrote,
on 01-31-05 at 11:44pm
The world is an evil place. Humanity is an EVIL race. Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant. Why is religion the most acclaimed savior of the human race, but also one of the largest catylists that has led to generations, upon generations of mass genocide? Half of the known world is christian, to me, if there is a god, hes saying the other half of the world is deemed, unworthy of a spot in heaven. Sounds a lot like Hitler to me. He assumed Germans as the Aryen race, and decided that he had the power to deem others unworthy of life.

I mean, how do you know there wasnt some sort of vile event at the begining of time. Perhaps Satan and God had a show down, perhaps satan is doing all of these 'godly acts' in an act of treason to sentance you to a life time of damnation and an eternity in the pits of hell. Perhaps once you realize that the world, and the race of humans are evil by heart, religion will cease to exisit.
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