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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 02-18-05 at 3:41am
yes.. since it seems like i don't get to talk to the people i always opened up with much anymore (like anna and lauren) and since i have so many friends i hang out with now it's difficult to get intimate with them all, it's safe to say Regan's the one person I've known the longest, share everything with, and we're still in close contact. I suppose some of the novelty is the fact that we haven't actually met in person as of yet, so we look foward to that. Still, it's sort of odd, because you can imagine it's hard to have your best friend be someone who lives so far away, yet I don't feel as close to the people I see every day as I do her.

But really, it's alright. I know she's saving up and selling some of her art to raise money to come visit here. I wish it were sooner than summer :( Eee, we'll have to plan this! And I want everyone to meet her and see what a freakingly cool girlie she is! :D She's been like my senior this year, except she's better than a senior.. she's a junior squared! ^___^
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