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JayZulla (profile) wrote,
on 03-22-05 at 10:26pm
Mishy brought you, and jimi into this.

We havnt brought anyone into it. the only people involve are myself (who she talked shit about) sam (who she talked shit about) Stacy (who she tried turing her friends against her) kate (whos appaled that mishy would have done that). no one else has been brought in so we can have back up, frankly because its the last thing either of us need. The main problem here is that mishy wrote a buncha bullshit that was the farthest thing from the truth in that notebook. Then she went out of her way to alter MSN conversations to try and turn stacy's friends against her. shes diggering her own hole, and no one else deserves any blame accept for herself. shes just trying to start drama like she always does. this was a bomb waiting to happen. she fucks around with everyone. she tried to ruin good things like stacy and brad. shes the most hypocritical person i have ever met in my life. she says we use people. she used sam to get a ride to brads. she went to her WORKPLACE to ask for a ride, which was more out of the way then anything. shes the probem, simple as that. we've all known that, and theres been no false impressions that other things were the problem ever. this isnt some deep intellecual concept. this is the simple fact that she has to start shit because she suddenly feels the need, and wants drama. we were all doing fine until she opened her trap. its just that simple.
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