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jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 03-31-05 at 10:01pm
Well! *rubs hands*
Peroxide is a wonderful, magical thing. It functions as fantastic biological weaponry against anaerobic bacteria! (If you recall, anaerobic bacteria are killed by oxygen. As Peroxide decomposes, it releases large quantities of oxygen concentrated nicely in one area... hence all the foaminess. Interesting fact: peroxide is kept in opaque bottles to keep light from forcing the peroxide to decompose prematurely, leaving harmless (but relatively uninteresting)water behind.)

Anaerobic bacteria exist in the following locations:

mouth! Most bacteria (and by most I'm pretty sure I mean all) of the bacteria in your mouth you don't want are anaerobic. Rinse mouth with peroxide as per directions on the bottle and make your mouth happy! Just be sure to rinse your mouth immediately afterward, as the aftertaste is rather ungood.

face! The bacteria which cause acne and suchforth are...*drumroll* anaerobic! Meaning, if you apply peroxide with say, a toothbrush or something, it disinfects skin like it can disintect minor cuts and scrapes. Another note of caution: even though you are already blonde, I suggest keeping the peroxide well away from your hair. Peroxide has an interesting tendency to bleach hair and other organic matter. It's not hard to keep away from hair as long as you don't pour it over your head or anything.

Another interesting use for the mild bleachy factor: I have found that peroxide is useful as a makeshift pretreatment for laundry with organic stuff like blood, food, etc. on it. I have saved many an item of clothing I thought were totally hopeless through the miracle of peroxide!

Now that you know how wonderful a gift peroxide is to humanity, go on and try it for yourself! The opportunities are endless if you only know where to look!
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