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cowboy67 (profile) wrote,
on 04-29-05 at 7:44pm
i know what you mean about being this age, learning all of these news ideas and finding out the truth about things you've always taken for granted. i've had some issues with my religion the past few years, and it's very disheartening.

i think you know i agree with you on how unfairly arabs & muslims are portrayed here, and i wish the positive things from the middle east could be just as widely-known as the negative ones. education is just so important. i think a lot of the time, things humans bitch about and blame on other groups of people are usually their own fault. look at all of the problems that the world wars caused... all of the colonialism by super powers... and now the middle east is all jacked up and bent on nationalism... gee, whose fault is that? obviously people today should be held accountable for things they do and not given free reign to kill - but i can understand the frustration the arab people must feel, constantly being the puppets of the US and other powerful countries. even the hatred between christians and muslims in places like lebanon never existed before countries like france came in during the 19th century, divided the people up, and pitted them against each other. france gave capitulations to the maronites and it was unfair to the others. i'm starting on a rant, but i just think it's so ridiculous how there is all of this fighting over nothing, and how we bitch about it, but we're part of the reason it happens.

if you decided to convert, i think that would be cool, because you would be doing it because you really wanted to. i think that's such a huge difference - being forced into a religion or actively taking part in a religion on one's own.

i enjoy your entries.
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