Anonymous wrote,
on 05-01-05 at 4:06pm
That's got to be one of my most favorite GameCube games ever. I got it when it was new, and I'm almost always Talim. Try playing Weapon Master. That took about a weekend to beat, but it was really fun. I decided over Christmas break back in December that since I was good at playing, that I'd play against Justin, as he hadn't played the game before. I was all about how I was "going to kick your ass, because I'm really good at this." He simply smirked and asked me which buttons did what. Trying to be cocky, I said, "Figure it out yourself. I'm sure it won't be difficult for you to get the hang of it." I should have bitten my tongue from the get-go. An hour and a half, and many different character changes later, I had only won two battles.

Needless to say, he more than kicked my ass, and I was at his mercy for the rest of that day and evening. I've learned my lesson. And yes, Ivy is teh hotness, if I do say so myself, except when she's dressed like a man.

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