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yourbiggestmistake (profile) wrote,
on 05-10-05 at 7:34pm
oh whoa, im sorry. i didn't know what i said bothered you, i didn't mean to make it sound the way it did. If what i said sounded mean it was probably because i wish that i had half the guys chasing after me as you do. Honestly i was just making a comment, i wasn't trying to say anything other than that. PLease dont change because of what i said, im sorry i feel terrible and i know you told me not to but i still do!!! I LOVE YOU !!!! You are perfect, dont let anyone tell you different..

That song is probably my favorite damn song in the whole world... it makes me happy & sad at the same time <33.. i love you ! ♥

at least you'll have my heart
you know you shine so bright

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