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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 05-11-05 at 8:29am
yo yo. dont be sorry. you poop face.. i dont have alot of guys or whatever you meant. lol. your totally wrong. my little week dates are nothing compared to your 9month relationships. im just looking for the right person. it might seem different but thats what im trying to do.. im not going through guys because i can.. im looking. :) lol. that dosent sound right.. but you know what i mean. i love you very much. and i told you not to feel bad so dont. ya poop. : P i cant wait for this saturday. my mom wants to talk to your mom and everything becuhz my parents arent going to be home that night.. they think we might go for a drive with people. yeah. so make sure you tell yo mama. :) i really really hope this works. and you best get better. ! :) i love you.
♥ em.
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