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oceanchild (profile) wrote,
on 05-16-05 at 12:20am
I was just beginning to wonder what had become of you. Glad you're back.

You know what would make you feel better about your times? Running a race against me. XD

Who the hell is insulting you for liking classical music? There's nothing wrong with classical music. I myself am a fan. And it's not like you have to like classical music and nothing else. It's good to have varied tastes. That's the best way to do it, I think. You can't really appreciate something unless you know what other forms of it are like.

Although I suppose it would also just get to me that anyone would use fag as an insult. I find it awfully offensive. (And, honestly, what would someone's musical preference have anything to do with their sexual preference? The two are totally unrelated XP)
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