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senki (profile) wrote,
on 05-17-05 at 12:39am
Mm, I think we all have our "mom issues", but yours suck pretty bad. ):

Mother horror story #045,

Just recently, I got into trouble at school for telling a teacher not to be so "sar-friggin-castic". I got a detention and a letter sent home telling my parents of my shameful behaiviour. Dad didn't really make a big deal out of it because he knows I just don't do that stuff out of nowhere and I was obviously provoked.

Anyway, my mother on the other hand completely bitched me out. Going on about how I was a child, and that teacher was an adult, and it's my duty as a child to respect older people and I should be ashamed of myself, et cetera, et cetera. Mein mother has many. MANY. Weird, unreasonable views, but this is the one that pisses me off to no end - I'm subhuman, my opinions don't matter, I have absolutely NO place anywhere except on the bottom of an adults shoe. I'm meant to just tolerate and insulting and sarcasm because of my age.


I'm 16 btw.


Anyway, sorry for ramble. n_n; I think you should just disconnect yourself from your mother. It might be hard and the like, but I think you'll benefit a lot more and won't have to take anymore shit. Gotta strike back sometime, right?
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