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shalee (profile) wrote,
on 05-22-05 at 7:48pm
What the fuck is your problem, Chris? You dont even know! You dont even fucking know!

"and you couldn't have all known him."

Do you have any idea how many people were at his funeral? They ran out of room. Dont talk about things you know nothing about.

It's impossible to "overreact" when someone so amazing as Jeriel dies. Of a stroke. At the age of 16. Of all the people in this world, it was he that deserved it the very least. I've never met anyone so selfless, so kind, so caring. So dont EVEN say we're overreacting.

And yes, I was friends with him. We did hang out. I have reason to feel this way because a close friend of mine died, Chris.

And nothing can ever change that.
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