Anonymous wrote,
on 06-03-05 at 2:06pm
Your parents need to chill about such trivial things as cell phones. It's not the end of the world, and it isn't like they can't just go get them eventually. You're far more important than any old phone (at least, I think you are), and they need to realize that. We all make stupid mistakes and mess up, but that shouldn't make us any less of a person in the long run. I myself am still trying to work through stuff like that. I've never been one to blame others for things, ever, even if it IS someone else's fault. I'm getting better about it, though, mostly by not getting frustrated enough to cry about things when I do them (or don't do them).

I don't see you as a child, though. You've always been one of the most mature, adult people I know, and I love you for that. People just need to quit being so uptight and realize that we all make silly mistakes, and at the end of it all, after all of the yelling, you're more significant than any replaceable machine could ever be.

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