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Tails (profile) wrote,
on 06-04-05 at 2:51am
1. thanks for stabbing me in the eye...dick, and whats was fucking chewy.
2. why are all of jays qoutes about dicks? and or secretions?
3. emo, butter, cheese fight ...biotch.
4. looking at all these pictures kinda hurt.
5. sadness looks so fucking pretty still framed dosent it?
6. for gods good sake what was i doing in that picture above all the beer and cards on the floor ? lol.
7. wow me and you really have been through a fucking shit load of different things that really feels werid to think about. how much ive been through and how much ive fucking changed and in the middle of all these pictures of me changing and growing, im standing there in a robe graduating. i finished growing through school. wow im scared. really really scared stacy.
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