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redhawk (profile) wrote,
on 06-07-05 at 12:06pm
Well I woke up and Tammy was trying to barf on me.. so I threw her on the floor and she barfed on the floor... So that was horribly discusting, but then I heard the answering mashine *beep beep beep..* so I played it because it was anoying me! lol and I heard some cute girl with a nice accent singing me happy birthday! and that was wonderful!!!! That made up for the bad morning when tammy threw up :) Then I got ready to go to my dads and my brother didnt take me till about 3:15 because he didnt want to get off the computer.. then we finnaly got to my dads and I got my gift and my cake and ice cream, and then my dad had to go to his appartment and have some guy fix something.. and my brother went to the gym. Then Sydney and Joe came over and hung out with me because there so cool like that! :) Then they left right when my dad got home and then my brother got home and we went to my grandmas house to plant flowers for her.. not too much fun! But then I came home to my mommy's and had more cake and ice cream and opened up a small gift from her.. all around Id say it was an okay day!!! :D
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