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tboblp (profile) wrote,
on 06-07-05 at 7:30pm
hmm, maybe i should i try and learn a little first to see if investing that much would be worth it for me. I really do want to learn, but if I just don't take to it that's alot of money to spend...would you say its an instrument thats kinda tough to get the hang of or what? id imagine it is, like i took right to guitar but struggled with piano while alot of people are the exact opposite so i dont even know what it would be like for me. i have a friend that plays who offered to teach me beginning stuff so im hoping he would let me borrow his until i found out if i really wanted to go on. and if i did end up doing learning a little bit before buying one, would you recommend a learners flute for my first or not? thank you!
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