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DragonSpeaker (profile) wrote,
on 06-07-05 at 7:38pm
I think it would be best to borrow or rent a learner's flute first and see if you like it enough to buy or rent a better one. That way you won't be stuck with one if you decide you hate it, hehe. I didn't think it was that hard to pick up, but I had never played any real instrument before I started. A lot of people that have played other wind instruments seem to find it hard to switch to flute since it's different from other winds, but once you've got the trick of making a sound, learning the notes is all that's left. So, I guess it's not that hard to learn. You definitely don't want to start on an open hole flute though, so I'd say a learner's flute is best until you're comfortable with the fingerings.
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