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ChibiKeriana (profile) wrote,
on 06-11-05 at 4:35pm
I am not Allison.
Allison is girl.
if I were alone in a room with Allison, I would blink repeatedly.
I think Allison should update more.
Allison needs Kouichi.
Allison will never share my obsession with caffeine.
I want to whap Allison.
Allison can read my journal.
when I think about Allison, I wince.
Someday Allison will marry Davey.
Allison reminds me of Sariah.
Without Allison I would be able to hear the Candyman song and not laugh.
Memories of Allison are treasured.
Allison can be angsty.
"Lower-case shortcut speak" is how I describe meeting Allison.
Worst thing about Allison is inability to talk to me.
Best thing about Allison is humor.
Allison is a Plog.
If Allison was a flavor of ice cream she would be Rainbow Sherbert.
Allison is my friend.
I wish Allison would let me in her life again.
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