Anonymous wrote,
on 06-28-05 at 9:10pm
Look, I wasn't trying to come down hard, what I was trying to do is say that sometimes Cyler doens't like to talk, whatever, being mean isn't the right thing to do, though. I saw what I saw, and I may have interpreted wrong, to you, but I am not going to apologize for anything I said, or am saying. Kalie, don't try that whole you hate me thing, that isn't going to work, I don't hate you and you know I don't so, don't try and play that card. Also, that I will be gone forever thing is a crock as well. If you like him, which you obviously do, then you will never be gone, trust me. So don't play that either, those are mere attempts for attention, and to some extent I, that is okay, but I think that you are pushing it. So, that is what I have to say, take it or leave it.

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