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Shea (profile) wrote,
on 07-12-05 at 10:02pm
I see how it is...i let you stay in my house for 3 months, and then boom nothing not a hello or anyhting. I have not heard from you since you left and that is a BIG slap in the face to not only me but to my family. Yeah maybe jessica was more of the host sister you would have wanted in the first place, but you know my mom was good to you in providing you with food, lunch money, the trip to Chicago and Detriot. An what have you done NOTHING not even contacted us AT ALL. i would hope that I wasn't one of the "BARBIE" girls that you talked behind there backs when they thought that you liked them as friends. YOu know what I could go on and on about you and and asking the what you thought of me and my family but you know what I don't care about what you think. Because you have not cared to contact us. -Shannon
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