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xsilentxsuicidex (profile) wrote,
on 07-15-05 at 12:53pm

You Know You're Addicted to Anime When...

You call your dog Shinji.

You perform a canon ball dive into a pool while yelling "Spirit Bomb!"

Your house has an anime room.

You and your friends flash peace signs and take girlish poses when you are happy.

You get an anime tattoo. even though you're scared of needles.

Your walls are covered in wallscrolls and posters from your favorite series.

If you use the term 'Kawaii' for describing everything.

You try to convince your girlfriend that 'cat ears' and 'tail' really looks good on them.

You can sing songs from your favorite shows, in Japanese, even though you dont speek Japanese...

You spent hours looking through your library for a copy of "The Universe of Four Gods"

You have legally changed your name to that of your favorite charcter.

You wear a necklace and fall down everytime someone says sit boy.

You insist on having an entrance that includes spotlights, music, and raining cherry blossoms (while you hold a rose if you're a guy).

Your only dream is to attend Tokyo U with a girl you haven't seen in 15 years.

You play an instrument and you nick name it Inuyasha

For valinetines day you buy a stuffed dog and make up your on japanese name for it

If you get mad at you teacher and draw a picture of her as a anime demon cat

You wtch Iron Chef constanly to pick up great recipes ( haven't done it but plan to )

You've bought a twenty dollar ring in the shaped of a dragon to show off at school.

You always have your hair covering your left eye and always fliping it so you look like a anime character.

You think that falling flat on your back with your legs in the air is a normal reaction to big news.

You are worried because you don't have several desirable members of the opposite sex frantically trying to make you fall in love with them.

You shave a cresent moon onto your cats head, dye the cat purple, then take it to school and insist it's Luna, your talking cat.

You go around town trying to eat donuts and act all crazy-like, all the while saying you're Vash the Stampede.

To resolve a conflict, you insist in a duel.

The employees at Gamestop know you, and tell you when you walk in if they've gotten a new shipment of anime DVDs.

You've gotten angry at someone and placed two fingers on your forehead shouted the word "Makanekasopo!" (specail beam cannon or light of death) and then poked them in the eye.

You waste countless amounts of hair gel to get that "Goku look"

You map out points in Tokyo where the Dragons of Earth might attack

You believe it is possible for a person to be severly beaten in the head with a large hammer, stick, etc...and still come out alive.

You have a moment of confusion whenever you go to school because there are no girls in those tiny little skirts that come with their school uniform

You yell out 'Baka hanyou Inu-Yasha!' at your birthday party and everyone (except your parents) knows you're talking to your boyfriend.

You tell your parents you need to stay out past curfew to save the colonies.

Each time you see a stray animal, you turn your hat sideways and throw one of those plastic Pokeballs Burger King was giving out in their kids' meals yelling, "POKEBALL, GO!"

You add "no da" to the end of all statements you make

The majority of your CDs are Japanese or the English version of a Japanese soundtrack or the English soundtrack of an anime that just decided that it would use English in its songs.

You misplace your manga and someone at school you don't even know gives it to you saying they knew it was yours.

You incorporate Japanese, somehow, into every class.

You can sing songs from your favorite shows, in Japanese, even though you dont speek Japanese...

You use random Japanese words such as baka, kawaii, and hentai.

You try to read every book from right to left

You take a break from watching anime to go to your computer (nicknamed Lord Conti) to download anime (for previewing purposes only! ;) ), while visiting your favorite anime forum, while listening to Japanese webradio...

You call your parents Oka-san and Otou-san

You say ITADAKIMASU!! before you eat your meals

You think that locket your boyfriend gave you will turn you into a magical girl

You'll risk grounding to get a good new fanfic.

You constantly say "w00p" after almost every sentance.

You insist on chopsticks for everyday use.

Your bookshelf is filled with anime boxed sets and no books

You stop listening to the radio because english makes no sense to you anymore and it's your first spoken language

You call yourself "otaku."

All of your family portraits have been altered to the proper super large eye size.

Random battles seem to erupt wherever you go.

You take the time to write messages on your cigarettes, only to burn them right away.

Your dreams are animated.

You naru punch all the guys at school, and then wonder why they don't follow you around like keitaro follows naru.

You hold your eyes really wide all day trying to make them stay big

Duct tape is really funny to you and most of your threats involve taping people to walls.

When you're washing dishes you yell out "SUPAH WAVE SMASHUH!" or any water attack.

You run out of space on your computer because the hard drive is taken up by hundreds of anime pics, mp3s, midis, and music videos.

You spend all night trying to figure out how many people you can get to go in with you on buying the complete collection of Sailor Moon episodes in Japanese.

You spend your whole spring break working on an anime webpage.

You expect to see a teardrop over someone's head when they get embarressed.

You start to speak with an odd accent.

You can watch two animes in the same room at the same time and still have the TV off.

You know your favorite character's bloodtype.

Knowing Sailor Moon helps you on an Astronomy test.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to anime.

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