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DragonSpeaker (profile) wrote,
on 07-17-05 at 12:19am
OMG, New Jersey = dirty.

That's freaky how you and your brother picked the exact same class! At least you won't have it together though, that would be kinda awkward (although it might result in some fun confusion.)

Yay for HBP! And speaking of awkward seeing-people-again-things, Eric Jones and some ATL friend of his started talking to me and Kristen when we were at Borders. O.o;; It was really... odd. I think he is scarred for life from the spelling bees. I, however, had forgotten until he started talking about it and I realized who the heck he was. Anyway...

I wanna see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory purely because Johnny Depp is in it and Tim Burton is making it. Such a good combination. I'll prolly have to wait until it comes out on tape/DVD though.

Have fun at the concert, I know how you love DMB. :)
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