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wondrouslybizarre (profile) wrote,
on 07-20-05 at 2:32pm
Hi Shannon...

I am gonna comment to you on bouth coments in one... I am sorry that i didnt wrote you or anything, but i didnt and i still dont have any contact on you and your family (besides this woohu thing and i relly dont count it like a contact, you know what is my oppinion on that) Before i left, I gave you my e-mail adress... You didnt give me yours. Maybe I should of ask about that but I thought when you say "I will send to you those pictures and i will e-mail them to you" that you will do it and i will have the contact... Didnt happend....
But i can not do about that anything more just to say i am sorry...
and you know that i dont like when people are mean especially on woohu journal... so please if you want to talk to me next time I will relly presate if you will send me e-mail.

Say hi to your family

PS:do you think that it is right when you are comparing #1 and #2?
It makes me wonder too.
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