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Shea (profile) wrote,
on 08-01-05 at 12:55pm
Sonka, I thought that you had my email becuase I emailed you last summer and I emailed you back. I also thought that you had our phone number sence you did live here and your mom did call here so I thought that you would at least call. The reason that I have not sent the files over yours yet was because we were without internet for a while. I am really sorry that the comment I made sounded so mean. I didn't intend on it to be...It was supposed to show that I was hurt. When compareing #1 and #2 it was the fact that neither of you feel the need to talk to our family after your time with us was up. You know I really enjoyed you staying with us because I haven't ever had anyone my age to live with before...that was a new experience. I want to talk to you and keep intouch and with my Brother getting married it was really busy there for a while. I am sorry that I haven't contacted you. I miss you and hope everything is going alright over there in slovakia. An with the things going on in this world I want you and your family to stay safe. luv ya ~Shannon
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