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spud (profile) wrote,
on 09-01-05 at 11:18am
i don't know that i can help. but i do have a couple of suggestions.

the first is... i would try and get really serious with rob (not romantically), and tell him how it seems. how he has his crap in order and all that. maybe ask him how he does it. and i'd be willing to wager that he doesn't feel like everything is in order like it appears to you.

people think i have my crap together most of the time. oh, how wrong they are.

but that doesn't make me a failure. that makes me normal. they just think i'm better than i actually am. and it's quite difficult for them to live up to that expectation... to try and be better than the super-chris that they imagine i am. at least, that's my personal experience.

as far as live not being worth the trouble... i can understand the feeling. i've felt it before. but every time i realize... life may not be worth the trouble. but neither is dying. i think of how much trouble that would cause for all the people around me, and the people i care about. and those people, to me, are what make life worth living. the people whose lives i touch, without ever even realizing that i'm doing it.

that's what it's about.

to me, anyway.

and we still need to get coffee, dammit. i'm not giving up the ghost just yet. (i'm being funny about that last bit... just so you know. i'm not upset or anything.)
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