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michellestar (profile) wrote,
on 09-03-05 at 7:39pm
You seem to think we've all been igoring you, but you don't post in our journals either. It goes both ways. I wished you happy birthday on your birthday. And you didn't want to talk. And due to this recent development, I post in your journal more than you do in mine. Amanda IMed you this morning, as I just found out. You don't IM us. Don't act like we don't care about your life. You don't care about ours. And I promise that I don't think your journal revolves around me. I said I was probably being egocentric in my reply. I promise to leave you alone from now on. I'm glad you're happy. I'm glad you have tons of new friends. And I'm glad we broke up, because you're happier now than you ever were before. Please continue to be. Bye.
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