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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 09-04-05 at 3:41pm
Wow, you guys both suck.

Here is my take and i am going to write it whether you want it or not.

I am your friend. i try to be at least, but you have been hard to be frends with lately because it does feel like you are braggin all the time about this new life you have. I am glad you are happy, and i am glad that you have moved on, but it is not just michelle being egocentric.

i love you to death girl, and you were posting things i thought too...but i didnt post them for a reason. We know mike and you know that everything you said would only start a drama filled back and forth. You are smarted than that. Let things be.

It is obvious that neither of you are ready to be friends with each other and that is fine, but i want to be friends with both of you, so please dont make that harder than it has to be.

I hope someday you guys will be able to get past this, but if you cant, at least remember that you are not alone and us woohu-ers love you and want you to be happy... without drama and stress preferably.
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