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liz (profile) wrote,
on 09-11-05 at 5:04pm
Sam lives in Florida, and I haven't talked to her since graduation which kind of kills that, It sucks really because I continue to think of her as one of the the coolest people I know. and where have you been? last I knew you had my number but your name nevers shows on my caller i.d. Unfortunately enough that is not a one sided thing I've got your number too. I let my own decisions about shit be weighed down by trivial things. Im really sorry to say that because youv'e never been anything but a good friend to me.
I care about you both, I always will thats not something that just fades with time, but maybe we are more the type of friends that will get together every couple of years and think about the good times. and if Im wrong about the whole number thing 450 3434.

"there are the select few that i still would like to be friends with but its just not happening."
You both fall in right there actually.
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