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animehoshi (profile) wrote,
on 10-03-05 at 8:09pm
Please don't kill me for saying it, she said it, end i'm sorry for saying anything about it.

I started out that my friend, Sox, was showing her pictures of Ed, but she thought Ed was evil because he's usually either frowning or smiling evily. So Sox looked finally found a picture in Anime Insider where he was smiling pleasently, but it was the Fan Service pic so it looked like he was right out of the shower, as AI said, and her mom was like He looks a little too happy.

And if life were anime, we would have giant sweatdrops just a little bit off our heads. =_= it was frightening. It was the first thing on my mind, as I said, I'M SO SORRY I EVEN BROUGHT IT UP!!!!
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