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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 10-06-05 at 4:47pm
Ah, yes. It's always the nice random comments after you're embarrassed that make your day happy again. Like the random people in the hall, who are all like, "Hey! I'm a random person in the hall... But I think you're pretty neat!" Yup. It just makes my day.

Random side story: My friend went around the school for a week with a Dir en grey picture, asking random people in the hall on a scale from one to five how huggable they looked. Everyone just sort of... Backed away... It's great to have Weirdo friends, especially when the whole school is all, "That Japanese crap is gay!!!" OK... I felt I needed to say that.

And I hate kids at school who feel the need to grab your stuff and show it to everyone. Wenching, onion-eyed, rabbit-suckers!
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