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animehoshi (profile) wrote,
on 10-06-05 at 7:07pm
I guess I'm one of those random people. I even had a camera after school and was like Hey, you look cool. and just take their picture. The free photo count went from 172 to 23 that afternoon... in like 2 hours time.

Another side story: I once read in a Laruku thread that this poor soul had a pic of Hyde and Yukihiro w/o their shirts and these people asked her Why do you have flat chested topless girls on you spiral notebook and she was forced to yell at them that they were guys XD and I have a pic of Gackt taped to my planner and this girl was like Woah, she's really pretty. so I reply Isn't he? Don't you mean she? No, he's a guy. Well, he's a really pretty guy. Yeah. Another friend's sibling once came up with the stereotype that all Japanese guys are gay since they tend to look like girls sometimes *sweatdrop* but i think it's cute.....kawaii..... sorry.

Grabbers are annoying. They dominate the school here. I'm drawing something and everybody's like OOOOO and just grab my sketchbook and say Can I see your sketchbook? and then are like WOW That's really good and start showing it to everyone in the world and before you know it, it's at the other side of the room. Luckily for me, somehow I manage to get it back usually. Once people take it a lot, you work up a strong grip so nothing can be grabbed from you ^w^ And the same kid who took my Deathnote poster asked to marry me. *sweatdrop, sweatdrop* aaaa, i talk about myself too much I'M SORRY!! How about you??
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