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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 10-07-05 at 3:53pm
Being random is good... Like taking pictures at homecoming that you can later use to blackmail people with! ^.^ Oh the joy!

Side story time: Girlie men rock my rutabaga. My homies used to run around the school, asking random boys in the hall to put on eyeliner. When they declined, my homie Pankeyke would be all, "ONLY REAL MEN WHERE EYELINER!!!!" Your story reminded me of something that happened to me at Sugoi-con. I was all... Standing there... Like ---> 0.0... Looking at artwork and my other homie got this picture. I was like, "Aw, she's pretty... Or wait... Is that a guy?" The artist was like, "Yeah... It's a guy. Manly, isn't he?"

I know what you mean about grabbing! There is this REALLY, REALLY, I mean REALLY annoying kid at my school, and he's under this weird impression that I'm his friend. -_- So anyway, one time at school I found this cracker shaped like a little man, so I said, "Aw! You will be my friend! I shall name you Dave!" And the annoying kid at school was all, "DAVE IS STUPID! I'M GONNA EAT HIM!" So this kid is like... grabbing at me and clawing me to death trying to get poor Dave. In the end, I had to kill him because it was a better fate then what might have happened to him. Poor Dave... :(

Well, marriage. That's kind of sudden. At least he didn't ask you to stroke his dollar. -_-;;;;
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