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animehoshi (profile) wrote,
on 10-07-05 at 8:52pm
Oh, some advice I learned at camp from Debbie: Never let people take photos that they can use to blackmail you.

Guys with eyeliner!! YEAH!! That reminds me of another story (heh,heh so many stories) my friend showed me a picture for Loveless (new yaoi manga, yeah!!) and asked Is this a girl or a guy? And I say A Guy. then she's like Wooaah!! How did you know?? Well, isn't it obvious?? That's how used to bishounentachi I am. I'm like the only one who knew anime Shuichi was a guy w/ the pink hair XD

Poor Dave. It probably was better you killed him. At least my Dorito chip, Kurachan, is still alive, lol ^^ But finding a cracker in the shape of a person?? ewshers, that's scary... but cool. heh,heh ^^

*shiver* oh, thank god it was just marriage. Sometime I ask random people to marry me on Valentine's Day or hug them. Depending on how I feel about that person. people thought i was insane.
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