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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-05 at 7:00pm
Ah yes, men who look like women. It's a wonderful thing... My friend is cos-playing Shinya from Dir en grey this year at an anime convention thingy, and we have fashion design class together. So, in the middle of class she randomly walks up to the teacher and asks, "Hi, I'm cos-playing a gender confused Japanese rockstar and I was wondering if you happened to know where I could find dark green that wants to be black pleather material?" Yeah. She just laughed. In a class full or crazies, the teacher has no escape.

Yes. Dave was very unfortunate. But if that little twerp ever so much as LOOKS at my homecoming date (an orange Fanta can) I'll kick his ass.

I had someone ask me to marry them once. He threw me a paper ring, but I just threw it away. Then when class was all over, he said, "Fine! If you won't marry me take this as a token of my love!" and he threw me a pencil grip. It was really strange, but hey, I got a pencil grip out of it. ^.^
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