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snowman (profile) wrote,
on 11-05-05 at 7:57pm
for 1 thing i ASKED you about the cat shit i thought maybe you forgot. and those cats are not hollys. so if you had some responsibility you might think hey my cat shit in the tub so why not clean up MY OWN CATS SHIT. well i was wrong... and you left out the part about me appologizing to you for that, many times might i add. but your head is up your ass so you wont take an appology, i wasnt asking you to be friends with me, just to accept my appology. but thats too much for you to do. and who left the cat SICK FOR ABOUT A MONTH AND A HALF, AND WHOS CAT DIDNT HAVE FOOD FOR DAYS???? tell me that, starving a cat and leavin it sick for that long is just as sick as what i did, and i would take it back if i could. but i cant. and i will be the bigger person and be civil to you, well as much as you will let me. and i want to thank you for sayin the courtny thing, i have been wanting to tell holly since it happened but i didnt know how, after i talk to her about it there will be no more secrets, THANK YOU i really mean that. and about your jacky d.... is that a threat? because if it is all i have to say is bring it, you are too much of a pussy to handle it your self. heh i think its funny because its between you and me but you have to bring your "jacky d" into it.

and i just want to say this is all mostly your fault because i ONLY asked you why you didnt do it... i thought you had forgot, and i wasnt goin to make a big deal about it but you had to explode i think YOU need anger help and a LOT of counsling

and incase you didnt hear me i am sorry about the cat, and the whole crying think well i felt like shit for throwing the cat, and so what i cryed that makes me a pussy? well you have a LOT to learn about life
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