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Triple (profile) wrote,
on 11-08-05 at 8:33pm
Ok outta work and time to rip...

1st lemme clear some things up for you James since your mind seems to be kinda clouded...

you didn't ask me to about the kitty shit. You told me to clean it up because you gave me $30 for taking your girlfriend to school. there was no nice asking.

Your asking me about responsibilty? I have more responsibilty in my pinky then you have in your entire body. I can hold a job,I can drive responsibilty and not have my lisense suspended. AND I don't have to rely on my mommy or grammy to pay my bills becuase i'm to fucking lazy to go to work.

You never once said you were sorry about throwing casper. You said "So?" and then you laughed about it. you never once tried/just plain said "I'm sorry I threw Caspier" not once, not to me anyways.

And Casper and Jen. ran outta food the night before you threw caspie out the window. I don't think 8 hours is days do you? and I DO belive that Brenton brought some kitty Medicine from his sisters about 2 weeks before you tossed casp. So yeah, Liers go to hell James.

And you've been waiting to tell Holly about you Fucking Courtney? ahhh no. You laughed with all of us about that, that you fucked courtney and cheated on Holly.

The only reason you cried that day was because you thought Brenton and Jay would side with you. When Brenton got up in your face you relized you fucked up and started to ball. To this day your not sorry for tossing casper. you have no regard for life.(Holly wants to see self-rightous i can do self-rightous) God doesn' take to kindly to those thar abouse his animals. I have no doubt in my mind that you will burn in hell when you die.

If you wanta go James Hit me. do it. I'll be at the apartment sometime. Hit me. I dare ya.

James you have alot more to learn about life then I do"pal"
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