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snowman (profile) wrote,
on 11-09-05 at 12:03am
i am smiling right now. you are something else. you SAID YOU WOULD DO IT AFTER YOU GOT THE MONEY. and i asked you about it, maybe you had forgot. i dunno, i didnt think it was a big deal. but i was wrong. nothing is small to you you have no idea how dumb you sound. you blew up at me 1st for ASKING you why it wasnt clean. the only reason you havent gotten any tickets is because all your cars have been pieces of shit. blaa blaa blaa, i know you will prally say "well at least my car isnt a piece of evidence" or maybe you will say at least my car isnt wrecked like yours. personally i dont care if my car is wrecked. well craig about me "wanting to tell Holly?" i didnt know you could read minds... and well you obsivouly cant because then you would see who wrong you were about that? hmmm? and craig i will not hit you 1st, it wont happen but if you decide to hit me, trust me i will make you cry for your dad who committed sucide, you know i was goin to be decent to you but no any more. maybe i was an "accident" but at least my dad didnt kill himself. no matter what religion you come from if someone commits SUCIDE they BURN IN HELL :) so IF i burn in hell i will tell your dad what a piece of shit you really are and that he has no grounds to be pround of you. YOU NEVER lifted a hand to get those kitties well, it was Brenton.

and crying to "get them on my side" no i think Jay did not take sides. and Brenton took your side because he is your friend.
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