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Triple (profile) wrote,
on 11-09-05 at 6:26pm
James your ignorance amuses me.

You you lie so much and it gets you nothing. You ever think I don't get speeding tickets and such because I know what roads to watch for cops and and what roads to speed on? I also know better then to do 60 in a 25. I know your a little confused and a dumbass so lemme put this in lamemans terms.

I'm smarter than you, you are not smart, you are dumb.

did ya catch that? I know it was a little difficult for you to understand

and according to Wendy Winegar and the division of Catholisim she belongs to, any person that commits suicide wile there not of right mind gets a fastpass to heven. so yeah... When I die I'll stand next to my dad as I watch you and Holly burn in hell.

And atleast My moms not a whore that fucked some random dude to have you =P

<.< My mom loved my dad, And thats all that matters to me.

if your dad cared so much about you where is he?
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