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Triple (profile) wrote,
on 11-10-05 at 6:15pm
><;; I was off the net before I seen that I woulda ><

but anywhoo

I took Casper to the vet yesterday.
cost me 105.00

he has no kitty diseases i.e. Feline Lukima (I dunno how it's spelled) or kitty AIDS

His Eye on the other hand is a different story.
He has a ulcer on his eye that thats why it's so nasty, I got some drops that CAN make it better. but its not a 100% thing, he can still loose his eye. (T.T;)/ but the doc made another apointment for him this saturday @ 11:30 to check up on his eye. so hopefully he keeps his eye and I don't have to have the little trooper go under the knife and have his eye removed
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